Thursday, January 20, 2011


So, I just finished a discussion on Second life about protocols. We made it only through the first half because it was apparent that introductions were a big category not only to Dom/me's but to subs as well. So, I will summarize what the discussion was, and the outcome of the discussion.
The Sir, Vlad started the discussion with asking us,
How do we feel about protocols when it comes to introductions?
This being, for Dom/me's do you refer to a submissive as girl or boy, by their name, any other pet name. This doesn't mean just your personal sub, it goes towards all subs, and subs owned by others.
For subs, this meant for, do you call a Dom/me Sir, or Miss, or by their names, or anything at all.
So the replies and comments were vast. Many Dom/me's did not like their subs being called girl, or pet. In fact most found this to be rude and offensive. They all said, aside a few, that girl or pet was an intimate term reserved only for them, and that their subs were in fact human beings, and had names.
Now, my personal opinion about that, since I am a switch, I agree. I do not want someone calling Angel, girl, or pet, or anything else. She belongs to me, and as such only I can call her little pet names. The feelings behind this are, one, it is more intimate for her and I, and two I find it disrespectful to me, if anyone calls her anything else, without my permission.
Now, what the subs have said is that they tend to be respectful, and will call a Dom/me Sir or Miss, though some female subs had an issue with calling a female dom, Miss. All the subs did agree and said they would only call their owner, "Master". They also agreed, that they did not like other Dom/me's calling them girl etc. They said they felt the words like that in fact are something special and preferred to reserve the words for their Dom/me only.
My personal feelings again on this, as my sub side comes out is that, I call every Dom/me Sir or Miss, regardless. Now, if I was owned, I would have been instructed, hopefully by my owner, to call other Dom/me something respectful. However, I agree. I do have a name, and I am a person. Just because I am submissive, does not mean other Dom/me's should not be respectful to me as well. There is a difference between being Dominant, and Domineering. Which if you have read my blog from the beginning, know the signs of a Domineering person.

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